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E-Invoicing In China


The State Administration of Taxation published a pilot program named “Implementation of Electronic VAT Invoices Between Recently Established Taxpayers” fully implemented gradually.

Tax Authority

The State Administration of Taxation(STA)
The Golden Tax System

Mandatory Status
  • B2G, B2B, and B2C Transactions


The Chinese government launched a pilot system of e-Invoicing in 2020 with 3 regions and gradually expanded regions. Lastly 3 regions which are Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, and Shanghai participated in the pilot system from December 2021. In over all around 40 regions working on integrating fully digitized invoice systems.

It is not fully implemented and the invoice in a paper format is still valid. The Chinese invoicing system is called Fapiao System or the Golden Tax System and is mandatory to submit invoices (e-fapiao) through the government’s central platform. Besides the Chinese e-Invoice system example of clearance model. Invoices issued by taxpayers are verified through authorized companies. The government approved only two companies that validated each e-Fabio. The full implementation of the electronic invoice is expected to be completed in 2025.