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E-Invoicing In Bolivia

Component 8 – 1

Directory RND No. 102100000011

Board Resolution No. 101800000026.

Component 9 – 1
Tax Authority

Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales (SIN)

Component 10 – 1
Mandatory Status


Component 11 – 1

XML, version 1.0 UTF-8

Component 13 – 1

Only mandatory for taxpayers using the electronic invoicing online modality

The e-Invoice system in Bolivia is called the Virtual Invoicing System and it is composed of three invoicing modalities:

1- Electronic Invoicing Online: When electronic invoices are issued and digitally signed through a SIN authorized invoicing software.

2- Computerized Invoicing Online: The computerized electronic invoice online modality facilitates the issuance of invoices without a digital signature through an electronic invoicing software authorized by the SIN.

3- Web Portal Invoicing Online: The webportal invoice online mode is designed for small businesses with low invoicing volumes. The process involves manually declaring invoices through the SIN’s webportal.