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E-Invoicing Exchange Summit 2021 | Virtual Events

15/10/2020 – 27/05/2021
E-Invoicing country updates from Poland, Egypt and France: New regulations and principles on implementation from a business perspective
+ Mandatory E-Invoicing in Poland (KSeF) starting October 2021
+ Egypt E-Invoicing: Are you ready for the next wave?
+ Long awaited E-Invoicing model in France: Latest developments and first learning experiences from the pilot
+ How E-Invoicing and real time reporting should look like – a businesss perspective based on these country experiences

Luc Dhont and Jurgen Jaffre Global Indirect Taxes, Procter & Gamble
Bruno Saurel Chairman, INFOCERT – technical secretary of AFNOR Certification and specialist in software certification
Ridvan Yigit Partner & CCO, SNI


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